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Top 10 Unmissable Travel Experiences in Sydney (Locally Picked Travel Experiences)

by Britt de Koning - updated February 3, 2020

This Australian city is very versatile, everyone visiting will be able to find something to do, see, try, eat and so on. Sydney is a very large city but it is definitely not hard to get around here, the trains go all day and night and buses reach the most remote places.

When you are walking around here you will be surprised by the amount of different animals living in this metropolis, there are cockatoos, “bin chickens” (you will know what we mean when you see them strolling through the park), possums and parrots.

1. Visit Australia’s oldest park

Explore the Hyde Park Sydney
Get off the train and enjoy walking to Hyde Park, Sydney

These soft and gooey caramel-honey-filled waffle cookies aren’t the only uniquely Dutch sweet treat you’ll find in this town, but they are by far the most popular.

Hyde Park is the place to go at any given time.

Located next to Sydney’s CBD, this park is a relaxing place for many people in Sydney on a daily basis.

You can also get off the train and walk anywhere in Sydney’s city center from this station.

Everything good in Sydney in some way includes Hyde Park, events, parades and performances, it all happens here.

The moment the sun returns to Sydney, Hyde Park is filled with both people and wildlife.

Wherever you go in the park, people are picnicking, birds are singing songs and taking care of their babies and possums are chilling in the trees.

You will be surprised with all the action (human influenced or not) in this centrally located park.

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2. Enjoy dining at eagerly awaited Night Noodle Markets

Enjoy dining at Night Noodle Markets
Enjoy dining and festivities during Night Noodle Market.

The noodle market is an annual free event in Hyde park where you can try the best Asian food while enjoying the rest of the event that is filled with dancers, dragons and music.

This is truly an event for everyone.

It is fun, though from time to time quite busy, and you have the chance to try an array of different styles of asian food from dumplings to sweets and of course, an immense offer of different kinds of noodles.

There is a daily planning filled with live performances and kid’s activities.

There are also stands with burgers and beers for the ones not really feeling as adventurous.

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3. Refresh and cool down at Blue Mountains

Refresh and cool down at Blue Mountains
Hike and have a better view of the The Three Sisters is a rock formation in the Blue Mountains.

Whenever you want to escape the crowded city of Sydney, or any other place in New South Wales, make sure to plan in a few days to the Blue Mountains into your travel schedule.

This national park is a true gem, you can travel as deep into the park as you wish, there are things to see and places to go in each small town.

Whenever you visit the blue mountains, it is definitely smart to also book some Airbnb’s along the way to really have a laid back experience.

The wildlife in the Blue Mountains area is truly magical and astonishing, you are missing out on a great Australian experience if you don’t go!

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4. Enjoy a cool drink at a rooftop bar

Visit one of the best rooftop bars Sydney has to offer.
Enjoy a cool drink at a rooftop bar.

Rooftop bars in Sydney are phenomenal, especially when you get to one just outside the CBD.

From these type of bars you have the most beautiful view of the city and its surroundings and usually these are the best bars to party during summer.

Because of the extreme heat and dryness in New South Wales from time, partying outside on a rooftop is a great way to get through the evening and night comfortably.

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5. Visit the hottest hawker market in town

Try Japanese Food in the Street Alley, Sydney
Grab a delicious Food in Spice Alley.

Spice Alley is the best place for foodies.

There is an array of Asian food available in Spice alley, varying from dumplings to sushi and even roti, covering the whole Asian continent from Vietnam to Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

The alley is lit by a ceiling of glowing traditional lanterns, providing a great theme to eat in and also for taking pictures.

You can eat here in all weather conditions, in winter the terrace is heated and covered, in summer it is opened.

Spice Alley is also a very affordable place to eat, it is loved by students and backpackers.

There is no alcohol service but you are allowed to bring your own booze.

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6. Visit the true hidden gem of a bar

Enjoy the vibe in Tatler Sydney
Try out the traditional and creative cocktails, plus live music, in a former speakeasy with vintage decor.

Tatler is one of Sydney’s most beautiful bars, it has a great outdoor garden, a golden bar and figures, mirrors and mythical creatures in all over.

This is a space that can be turned from an event venue to a disco fever nightclub in a matter of seconds.

Make sure you take a look at what’s on when you are visiting Sydney, you will not regret having a classical cocktail here made by both Aussie and international staff.

The dynamics in this former speakeasy are phenomenal and great and you will always leave feeling good and having danced off all negativity.

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7. Grab a drink in the most 1920s-influenced bar

Grab a drink in the most 1920s-influenced bar
Enjoy the vintage-look bar in Sydney

In this 1920’s style speakeasy you are in for one of the best and most complete A to Z experiences of your life.

All cocktails come with a story and an explanation, some of them are even finalized at your table with complimentary comments.

There is a classical almost alchemic theme to the bar supported by Jazz music in the background.

The set up is almost theatrical and the service is super slick and rounded.

You can order anything from whiskeys to classical cocktails and cocktails with a country theme or a preferred spirit.

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8. Eat at Lentil as Anything – a unique and not-for-profit Restaurant

Eat at Lentil as Anything – a unique and not-for-profit Restaurant
Support Lentil as Anything as one of the best initiatives that arose in Sydney in the past 10 years.

Situated in the heart of Sydney’s neighborhood Newtown, Lentil as Anything is one of the best initiatives that arose in Sydney in the past 10 years.

With a daily changing menu depending on seasonal produce, this place is never the same but always a culinary highlight.

This is one of the best restaurants in the area, and is fully vegan, and is mostly dependant on donations and volunteers.

The concept behind Lentils as Anything is that people of all ages, genders, and origins work together to make it work, get the ingredients to the restaurant and on the table for the guests to enjoy.

Everyone can be a part of this, either working in restaurants or as a part of community projects.

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9. Discover the fascinating history Australia’s oldest botanic garden

Visit Sydney Royal Botanic Garden
Discover the fascinating history Australia's oldest botanic garden

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney is your oasis in the city!

Wrapped around Sydney Harbour, the Gardens occupy one of Sydney’s most spectacular positions.

Established in 1816, it is the oldest scientific institution in the country and is home to an outstanding collection of plants from Australia and overseas.

From the provocative rare and threatened plants of the world to the romantic rose garden, the themed garden areas show the diverse beauty of nature.

Its stunning position on Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House and the large public parklands of The Domain ensure it is one of the most visited attractions in Sydney. 

For a relaxing day in the city why not take a stroll around Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens!

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10. One of Sydney’s must-visit neighbourhoods

One of Sydney’s must-visit neighbourhoods
Grab a drink at the Newtown Hotel in the inner Sydney suburb of Newtown

Newtown borders the University of Sydney and is home to rows of restored 19th century terrace houses.

The residents of this vibrant inner Sydney neighbourhood are colourful, unconventional unapologetically themselves and this attitude has spawned a thriving music, theatre, design and food precinct. 

King Street is the pulsating heart of Newtown. 

As well as being a delectable ‘eat street’ it’s also a cool shopping strip with an enviable range of designer boutiques, vintage stores and specialty shops. 

Newtown is a booklover’s paradise. Stroll along King Street for even more attractions such as the cavernous Gould’s Book Arcade. 

The southern end of the strip is nicknamed SoKi, short for south King Street. SoKi institutions include Leo Monk Handbags and All Buttons Great and Small. 

The beating cultural heart of this neighbourhood is the Enmore Theatre, where some of the best musicians and comedians perform. 

The hip vibe of Newtown pulsates in its small bars, cool cafes and craft breweries.

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There are events and parties on every single night and in summer there are festivals pretty much weekly, you cannot get bored in this city that also never seems to be sleeping.

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