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Avid Voyagers – Who are we?

Avid Voyagers is the global network of local travel experts. We created this website to share out passion for travel with the world and to inspire you to keep exploring this beautiful world that we live on.

So take a look at our articles and let us inspire you with our actionable travel experiences, recommendations, and thorough packing lists. Get below the surface on your next trip!

Meet Our Editor in Charge

Christian Petzold holds an academic degree in tourism management. He is a successful touristic entrepreneur, experiential traveller and round-the-world backpacker.

His touristic expertise has been covered in radio, newspaper and television.

For media inquiries, please contact him at hello@avidvoyagers.com

Meet the Writers

Our writers are amazing travelers that have been exploring the world for a long time and are dying to let you know a lot more about their adventures, finds and recommendations.

Kristina Dodier

Kristina Dodier - Travel Writer and Expert

Travel Expert

Elysia Brenner

Elysia Brenner Travel Writer and Expert

Travel Expert

Britt de Koning

Britt de Koning Travel Writer and Expert

Travel Expert

Shira Weitz

Shira Weitz Travel Writer and Expert

Travel Expert

Gillian Birch

Gillian Birch Travel Writer and Expert

Cruise Expert

Meet the Team

These two girls are always on our social media and making sure that the articles and website are always looking as best as possible.

Lourdes Díaz

Lourdes Diaz Marketing


Lourdes Díaz is a freelance Marketing Expert with 10+ years in the travel blogging industry. 

Her biggest passion, however, is adventure travel and has worked as a mountain tour guide for Central America, job that she carried on for three years. Now, volcano hiking was left only as a hobby for the weekends.

Regine Sibbaluca

Regine Sibbaluca Social Media


Regine Sibbaluca is a Social Media Expert who has been working with us since the start by assisting the other team members to ensure that things run smoothly.

We all rely on her to make sure that everything is done up to our quality standards and takes care of most Social Media posting.

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