Best Cruise in the World

The Best Cruise in the World: A Guide to the Top Ocean Adventures

by Christian Petzold - updated August 1, 2023

Ever thought about going on a cruise? It’s like a floating hotel that takes you to new places while you enjoy fun activities, great food, and a relaxing time by the pool.

But with so many cruise options, how do you choose the best one? That’s where we come in!

We’ve done the work and are here to share what we learned about the best cruise in the world. So, grab a seat and get ready; we’re about to start this awesome journey!

What Makes a Cruise ‘The Best Cruise in The World’

Before we dive into the details, let’s first discuss what parameters we’re using to gauge the best cruise in the world. While ‘the best’ might be subjective depending on personal preferences, some universally acknowledged vital factors elevate an excellent cruise to a great one.

  • Destinations: From tropical paradises to Arctic adventures, the routes and destinations offered are crucial. The diversity and uniqueness of the destinations contribute significantly to the overall cruising experience.
  • Onboard Amenities: The level of comfort, quality of rooms, availability of recreational activities, spa and wellness centers, pools, and fitness facilities play a massive role in enhancing a passenger’s journey.
  • Dining: World-class dining experiences are a must-have on any top-notch cruise. Variety, quality, flexibility in dining times, and availability of dietary options are all considered.
  • Entertainment: A great cruise should have many entertainment options to engage passengers. This could range from Broadway-style shows to live music, casinos, and special events.
  • Customer Service: Exceptional customer service is paramount. Highly trained staff, personalized attention, and a high passenger-to-crew ratio can significantly influence a passenger’s overall cruise experience.

Also, in a world increasingly conscious about sustainable practices, environmentally friendly measures adopted by the cruise line are another factor we consider. We’ve also considered passenger testimonials and ratings to ensure our analysis is well-rounded.

The Best Cruises in the World

1. Royal Caribbean

The “Royal Caribbean Cruise” isn’t just a name; it embodies world-class service that befits the term “royal.” Often considered the best cruise in the world, it provides the perfect getaway for those needing a recharge.

Boasting a massive fleet of 26 ships, it provides the perfect setting for couples in love to enjoy a dream vacation. The versatility of this cruise ensures entertainment for everyone, regardless of age.

An example of this inclusivity can be seen in the kid’s programs and the vibrant nightlife. With the best cruise in the world, you’re not just sailing; you’re embarking on an adventure. The cruise offers routes to over 300 destinations across 71 countries on six continents.

The journey with Royal Caribbean is a global exploration, traversing waterways from the Caribbean to Europe. The rates for such luxury aren’t unaffordable. However, the costs could mount up to several thousand dollars for a complete world cruise.

Ultimately, the cost of a voyage depends on the chosen itinerary, included amenities, and the suite booked. This flexibility allows you to experience the best cruise in the world tailored to your needs and budget.

2. Disney Cruises

Disney, renowned worldwide for its iconic animated films and series, runs what can be argued to be the best cruise in the world. Mirroring the magic of their on-screen productions, the Disney cruise ships radiate a captivating charm.

The cruise teems with countless activities and sights, ensuring guests’ schedules are exciting. A single free day is all one can expect during their enchanting journey. With a fleet of four ships, they offer brief Caribbean getaways and extended adventures to Europe and the Pacific.

The exceptional friendliness of the crew significantly enhances guest satisfaction. Disney’s cruises cater to diverse age groups and backgrounds, offering an array of attractions. From live performances and interactive character encounters to a dedicated kids’ club and high-end dining experiences, there’s something for everyone.

As nightfall descends, the cruise comes alive with the rhythm of popular dance music, synchronized with a spectacular fireworks display. This is the bestcruise in the world, keeping the Disney magic active on the high seas.

Disney Cruises

Take your family on a Disney Family Cruise to create unforgettable memories.

3. Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises is known to provide the best cruise in the world. Their services extend to various global destinations, from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia and Central Europe.

The cruise line stands out for its unique shore excursions. These trips are tailored to meet guests’ specific desires. Additionally, they can be arranged for groups with like-minded interests, adding to the charm of the cruise vacation.

The culinary delights aboard Celebrity Cruises are equally compelling. Guests can indulge in meals prepared by over two hundred chefs. At the helm is a Michelin-starred chef, ensuring a gourmet dining experience on what is considered the best cruise in the world.

4. Carnival Cruise Line

Experiencing the best cruise in the world is embodied in the jovial ambiance of a Carnival cruise. Short-lived moments transform into lifelong memories, enhanced by fun activities and a vibrantly colored atmosphere.

A plethora of retail options is another highlight. From a watch store to an accessory shop, remembering an essential at home is fine. Variety is the spice of onboard life.

Expect an array of gambling entertainment, making it the best cruise in the world for casino aficionados. Blackjack, poker, and scratch-off tickets keep the thrill alive.

Catering to diverse demographics, the cruise sets the bar high. Baby boomers, for example, can revel in nostalgia with a dedicated 80s-themed party.

Last but not least is the unparalleled spa service. Its prime global positioning allows travelers to bask in relaxation, reinforcing why it’s the best cruise in the world.

5. Norwegian Cruise Line

Different people have different ideas of enjoyment. For some, it might involve soaking up the sun while engrossed in an intriguing book, whereas others may find joy in dancing the night away.

Among the vast extras on a Norwegian vacation, one can enjoy party cruises at sea. Another feature that adds to the appeal of these vacations is freestyle dining, an innovative idea brought to the forefront by NCL. This offers the flexibility for guests to dine whenever they wish without worrying about dress codes – a genuinely convenient touch!

Based in Miami, the company offers a vast selection of cruise options. These include transatlantic and Panama Canal voyages. NCL also presents enticing cruise deals comprising unlimited free Wi-Fi, open bars, complimentary shore excursions, and other appealing perks.

Norwegian Cruise Line 2

6. MSC Cruises

Italian culture’s charm and inviting nature are showcased globally, courtesy of MSC Cruises. The cruise line presents a broad range of onboard activities to entertain guests.

If passengers still need to have their fill of water activities after enjoying the swimming pool, the ship’s exclusive Aqua Park offers an exciting alternative for continued aquatic fun.

Though it may cater to a niche audience, the ship also features an F1-style simulator, offering a thrilling experience for fans of the Formula Grand Prix.

The night comes alive with music from DJs and live bands, inviting guests to dance until the early hours.

7. Holland America Cruise Line

Holland America Line cruises typically span an average of 128 days, though they could extend beyond this duration. They offer an extensive range of experiences, including bike tours, intimate wildlife interactions, and even the thrilling experience of helmet diving.

The gastronomic delight of fresh local seafood is a must in a coastal region. Understanding this, Holland America ensures guests enjoy complimentary tastings of their freshly prepared seafood.

The cruise heavily focuses on programs for younger guests and educational shows. The reduced passenger count ensures the vessel maintains a more relaxed, less crowded atmosphere.

However, ticket prices are notably higher than other options, and accessing Wi-Fi, a critical need in our rapidly advancing world, comes with an extra charge.

While the ship doesn’t quite match up to its larger, more abundant counterparts regarding the diversity and volume of onboard activities, it still offers a meaningful and enjoyable experience.

Holland America Cruise Line

8. Cunard

Even though many tourists enjoy luxurious, modern, and cutting-edge cruises, a subset of tourists continues to pine for the splendor of ocean travel during its heydey.

As a result, this cruise line was developed with such customers in mind. There is also a difference, although a subtle one, made between guests who are staying in suites and those who are sleeping in basic cabins.

Guests staying in standard rooms as opposed to one of their suites eat in a separate restaurant from those who dine in the suites since the suite visitors enjoy a private dining space only for themselves.

Cunard Cruises is distinguished from its competitors in several important ways; one is that it offers no-cost education programs, such as dancing classes and movie screenings.

Nevertheless, taxes and fees are not included in the prices, and any shore excursions may cost extra.

9. Virgin Voyages

Despite the appeal of contemporary, high-end cruises for many holidaymakers, many travelers yearn for the glory days of sea voyages.

To cater to these nostalgic enthusiasts, this particular cruise line was created. A subtle distinction is drawn between guests occupying suites and those residing in standard cabins.

Those who opt for standard accommodation dine in a different restaurant from suite guests, who are privileged to have their exclusive dining area.

Cunard Cruises stands out through key aspects, including complimentary educational activities like dance classes and film showings.

However, it’s important to note that the quoted prices do not cover taxes and fees, and additional charges may apply for any on-shore expeditions.

10. Viking Ocean Cruises

Viking Ocean Cruises, a renowned player in the industry, has only recently expanded its offerings to include ocean cruises. Their approach to cruising is unique, deviating from the norms established by more familiar cruise lines.

Their vessels are notably smaller, with a maximum passenger capacity of 900. Unlike traditional cruises, you won’t find features like casinos, water slides, photo studios, or art auctions.

Another distinct aspect to note: Viking Ocean Cruises enforces an adults-only policy, requiring passengers to be at least 18. Get away from the stresses of everyday life with a cruise designed specifically for adults. Find out what cruise lines are the best for adults in our review.

However, they offset these exclusions by providing free shore excursions at every stopover, and no additional charges are levied for dining at specialty restaurants.

Viking Ocean Cruises 1

In sum, the best cruise varies for everyone. You might love the peaceful trips from Viking Ocean Cruises or enjoy more lively cruises. Whatever your preference, there’s a perfect cruise waiting for you. Explore your options and find your dream vacation.

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