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Carnival Firenze Cruise Ship Guide: Experience Elegance at Sea

by Christian Petzold - updated June 10, 2024

Embarking on a journey aboard the Carnival Firenze will transport you to a world where Italian elegance meets the exhilaration of ocean exploration.

With an ambiance reflecting Italy’s charm and a host of amenities to cater to all ages, this recently integrated Carnival Cruise Line fleet member promises vacations packed with fun and flair.

As you set sail from Long Beach, you’re treated to an experience that harmonizes Italian-themed staterooms, vibrant entertainment, and activities that sparkle with Carnival’s signature vivacity.

The Carnival Firenze, now waving the flag of Carnival’s renowned seafaring spirit, has expanded the family to a robust 27 vessels. The ceremonial transition was marked by a gathering of team members from both Carnival and Costa Cruises, symbolizing the ship’s past and future as it commenced its new chapter.

As you walk the decks of the Carnival Firenze cruise ship, each corner echoes with the echo of its new beginning, inviting you to be a part of its maiden voyages with Carnival.

Setting an adventure course, the Carnival Firenze beckons with the promise of memories that will last as deep as the ocean.

The ship is a floating oasis of enjoyment with diverse dining options, relaxation courtesy of rejuvenating spa treatments, and the thrill of water slides.

While you indulge in the numerous pastimes aboard, the Carnival Firenze ensures that each moment is anchored in delight and discovery.

Specifications and Features of Carnival Firenze Cruise Ship

features of carnival firenze cruise ship

Design and Construction

Construction on the Carnival Firenze emphasized a blend of contemporary flair and traditional elements to create a vessel that is as elegant as it is functional.

The ship’s design allows you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere that echoes the charm of an Italian city while incorporating all the modern comforts you expect from a leading cruise ship.

Technical Specifications

Boasting a length of approximately 1,061 feet, the Carnival Firenze is designed to accommodate thousands of guests while maintaining high standards of safety and navigation.

This impressive size translates to a grand scale of offerings on board, all powered by cutting-edge technology to ensure a smooth sailing experience on your voyage.

Onboard Amenities

From family-friendly activities to spaces designed for relaxation and fun, the Carnival Firenze is a floating oasis equipped with everything you need for the perfect vacation.

You can delight in a wide selection of restaurants, enjoy live entertainment, or simply bask in the sun on the expansive decks.

After a major refurbishment, each amenity on the Carnival Firenze reflects the refined Fun Italian Style of cruising, crafted to create unforgettable moments for every guest.


carnival firenze cruise ship accommodations

The Carnival Firenze offers a diverse range of comfortable accommodations designed to suit every preference, from cozy interior cabins to expansive suites with stunning sea views.

Cabin Types

Your journey aboard the Carnival Firenze includes various cabin choices tailored to your needs.

  • Interior Cabins: These economical options lack windows but are equipped with all the essential comforts, such as a television, phone, and private bathroom with shower.
  • Oceanview Cabins: These cabins feature portholes or windows for a glimpse of the ocean, which makes them a great middle-ground choice.
  • Balcony Staterooms: For guests who desire fresh air and ocean vistas, these staterooms offer private balconies that allow for direct access to the sea breeze.
  • Deluxe Oceanview Cabins: These cabins include additional amenities and living space for a more comfortable stay.

For specific room sizes, types, categories, and amenities, delve into the cabin options on the Carnival Firenze.

Suite Options

Move up to a higher level of luxury on Carnival Firenze with a selection of suites, each promising more space and exclusive perks.

  • Junior Suites: These suites offer more room to relax, complete with cozy linens and ample closet space. They are ideal for those who seek both comfort and value.
  • Ocean Suites: Experience the luxury of wide terraces for unrivaled ocean views and additional outdoor space to bask in the sunlight.

Every suite includes a dedicated attendant to ensure your needs are promptly met, and extra amenities to enhance your cruising experience. Embark on a delightful retreat in the suite options aboard Carnival Firenze.

Dining and Cuisine

When you embark on the Carnival Firenze, you’re not just setting sail on a voyage—you’re embarking on a gastronomic journey that rivals the destinations themselves.

With a vast array of culinary delights, each meal promises to be as scenic as the seas you traverse.

Restaurants and Bars

The Carnival Firenze presents a diverse range of dining options designed to cater to every taste. You will be treated to a sophisticated atmosphere at the Medici and Palazzo Restaurants, perfect for enjoying breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

Each dining room offers rotating menus with selections that will tantalize your palate, all at no extra cost.

Beyond the main dining options, the Lido Marketplace comes alive as a bustling hub where flavors from around the world converge in a casual setting.

If you’re in the mood for something more casual and want a quick bite, you’re covered with a variety of included dining choices that cater to every craving.

Culinary Services

The culinary services onboard Carnival Firenze extend beyond traditional restaurant dining. Here, you have access to round-the-clock room service with a menu that spans from classic breakfast options to late-night snacks.

Relish the convenience of a private meal in your stateroom, any time of day or night.

For those looking to elevate their dining experience, the ship offers specialty dining venues*, where for an additional fee, you can indulge in gourmet cuisines crafted by expert chefs.

Here, the emphasis is on providing you with unique culinary treats and a memorable dining atmosphere.

*Some venues may require an additional charge.

Entertainment and Activities

carnival firenze cruise ship  waterworks

On the Carnival Firenze cruise ship, you’ll discover a vibrant collection of entertainment and activities that cater to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

From thrilling theatrical performances to an array of games and top-notch recreational facilities, there is never a dull moment aboard.

Theater and Shows

When you step into the theater on the Carnival Firenze, you’re entering a world where drama, comedy, and music come alive.

The performances are crafted by talented artists, and designed to amaze with everything from Broadway-style productions to captivating magic shows.

Casino and Games

For those feeling lucky, the casino aboard Carnival Firenze offers a variety of games to test your skills and fortune.

Whether it’s the roll of the dice, the turn of a card, or the spin of a slot machine, the electric atmosphere in the casino makes each moment exhilarating.

Recreational Facilities

Intersperse your leisure time with action at Carnival Firenze’s recreational facilities. You’ll find a fully equipped gym for your fitness routines and a sports court for friendly competition.

Pools and waterslides await your plunge for an invigorating break from the routine.

Itineraries and Destinations

The Carnival Firenze offers a diverse range of itineraries that can take you on unforgettable journeys to various destinations.

Whether you’re looking to explore vibrant cities or relax on picturesque beaches, there’s an adventure for every traveler onboard this magnificent ship.

Popular Routes

carnival firenze cruise ship in cabo san lucas

Carnival Firenze’s voyages span across several oceans, taking you to some of the most sought-after ports of call. You could embark on an exciting.

Mexican Riviera cruise, absorbing the rich culture and stunning natural beauty of cities like Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. Or perhaps, set sail through the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean, stopping at tropical paradises such as Grand Cayman and Cozumel.

carnival firenze cruise ship in grand cayman

Find specific voyages and details on Carnival Firenze’s itineraries to plan your next sea escapade.

Port Excursions

As you dock at each destination with Carnival Firenze, a new world of experiences awaits. You can dive into the local culture and history through guided tours, or you could opt for an adrenaline rush with adventure sports.

Imagine snorkeling in the turquoise waters off the Yucatan Peninsula or taking a scenic hike to breathtaking vistas. Every port excursion is an opportunity to create lifetime memories.

Booking and Reservations

The Carnival Firenze extends an invitation to experience Italian elegance at sea. Bookings are now available, featuring competitive pricing and exclusive travel packages that cater to various preferences and budgets.

Pricing and Deals

When considering a getaway aboard the Carnival Firenze, finding a deal that suits your budget is a breeze.

The pricing structure accommodates various levels of affordability, ensuring you can find a room and experience that aligns with your financial plans. Be sure to check for promotional offers which may include onboard credit or discounted fares.

Travel Packages

The ship offers a range of travel packages, designed to elevate the cruising experience with additional perks.

Packages can combine your cruise fare with other travel components such as pre-cruise hotel stays or transportation to the port.

Whether you seek an all-inclusive experience or specific amenities like spa treatments and special dining, travel packages on the Carnival Firenze can be tailored to your desires.

Customer Experience

Discover the remarkable service and authentic feedback straight from the passengers of the Carnival Firenze.

Service Quality

Experience personalized attention and exceptional service on the Carnival Firenze. Every detail, from spotless accommodations to timely and courteous assistance, is managed with utmost care.

Embark on a journey where your comfort and satisfaction are the top priorities.

Passenger Reviews

Gauge the true essence of the Carnival Firenze through the voices of those who have sailed. Discover glowing testimonials detailing the array of Italian-themed restaurants and entertainment.

With an array of positive feedback, the Carnival Firenze is committed to creating memorable vacations.

Safety and Regulations

carnival firenze cruise ship on board

When you step aboard the Carnival Firenze, rest assured that your safety is a paramount concern backed by rigorous procedures and health standards.

Safety Procedures

Your voyage on the Carnival Firenze begins with the mandatory lifeboat drill, an essential practice aimed at familiarizing you with the ship’s emergency protocols.

Navigating with prudence, the Carnival Firenze is routinely inspected by the U.S. Coast Guard and third-party entities every 3-6 months to ensure all safety mechanisms are in place and functioning.

The vessel is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features—from a fully sprinkled system to approximately 3500 smoke sensors to keep you secure at sea.

Health Standards

Your well-being extends beyond safety measures on the Carnival Firenze with high health standards equally emphasized.

Surfaces, particularly around the pool area, are consistently maintained to prevent accidents, and wearing appropriate footwear is encouraged to avoid mishaps.

The ship’s staff is meticulously trained to uphold cleanliness and sanitation protocols, providing you with a hygienic holiday environment.

Sustainability and Environmental Practices

Carnival Firenze is committed to sustainable operation and environmental stewardship. The cruise ship incorporates advanced practices designed to minimize its ecological footprint and contribute to ocean conservation.

Environmental Initiatives

Carnival Firenze leads with robust environmental initiatives. You’ll see efforts such as the use of Advanced Waste Water Treatment Systems, which significantly reduce the environmental impact of the ship’s waste management.

The commitment also extends to sustainable sourcing practices for onboard supplies, decreasing the demand for over-exploited resources.

Energy Efficiency

Onboard Carnival Firenze, energy conservation is a top priority. The ship is outfitted with energy-efficient lighting and state-of-the-art power systems designed to reduce fuel consumption.

Carnival Firenze’s shore power capabilities allow the ship to turn off diesel engines while docked, cutting down on emissions and conserving energy.

In wrapping up, the Carnival Firenze is a true Italian stallion of the seas – sleek, stylish, and bursting with fun. It’s not just a cruise ship; it’s a floating slice of Italy, dishing out dollops of luxury and heaps of entertainment.

Think of it as your gondola to paradise, with more flavors to taste, sights to see, and adventures to dive into than you can shake a gelato at.

From cozy cabins to grand suites, the sleeping quarters are more Roman holiday than regular rooms. The dining? It’s a round-the-world trip on a plate, from casual bites to gourmet treats. And the activities – oh, the activities!

You can go from sun-lounger lazing to high-energy theater shows faster than you can say “Ciao Bella!”

But hey, it’s not all just about living ‘la dolce vita’. The Carnival Firenze takes safety and green cruising seriously.

You’ll sail knowing you’re in safe, environmentally-conscious hands. To sum it up, this ship isn’t just a way to get from A to B.

It’s an Italian dream on the high seas, where every moment is about making memories and every sunset is worth toasting. Salute to that!

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