Cruises to Belize

Cruises to Belize: Best Way to Experience Belize City

by Christian Petzold - updated November 6, 2023

The Cruise life is calling your name, especially cruises to Belize! Who doesn’t want to cruise the Caribbean and especially to the beautiful country of Belize?

Get ready! The Caribbean awaits with Belize as your premier cruise destination. Experience ancient ruins and rich culture during your cruise to Belize that you won’t find anywhere else.

About one-third of the people in Belize live within the central valley, surrounded by mountains and tropical greenery. It’s also home to some unique wildlife like jaguars, crocodiles, as well as macaws, and toucans.

Belize not only boasts of its rich culture and wildlife but also has some gorgeously secluded beaches that cruisers adore. Some of these beaches can only be reached by boat or hiking trails during your cruise excursions. So Belize is definitely worth checking out for your next cruise getaway!

If you’re planning to embark on cruises to Belize, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the things to do in Central America and the Western Caribbean. So follow these Belize travel ideas for your next seaside cruise trip and get ready to set sail!

Belize Cruises

Cruises to Belize

Cruise ships began coming to Belize in 1991, and the industry has proven massively beneficial to the country’s economy. Cruisers might not have as much time to see Belize’s many gems, but those who visit still leave with incredible memories of their short visit. 

Cruise-based tours include everything from caving and tubing to climbing Maya sites. With sights like these, it’s little wonder people return again and again for a Belize vacation.

Belize’s Cruise Ports

Fort Street Tourism Village Cruise Port

Cruises to Belize

Belize’s original cruise port, a popular stop for cruises to Belize, is a tender port. This means it takes about 15 minutes for cruise passengers to get from the ship to the beach. The village, often visited by those on cruises to Belize, resembles an open-air mini-mall in appearance. With its numerous courtyards, snack bars, and local shops, it’s a perfect shopping destination for those disembarking from cruises to Belize.

The authentic Caribbean and foreign food, a favorite among cruise visitors to Belize, are available at many restaurants. Additionally, sometimes there’s live local entertainment, adding to the vibrant experience for those on cruises to Belize.

Harvest Caye Cruise Port

Cruises to Belize: Harvest Caye Cruise Port

Harvest Caye Cruise Port offers private, charter, and commercial vessels between Belize City and Ambergris Caye for tourists and fishing charters for local residents.

In addition, several anchorages nearby offer a diverse variety of services, including fuel, freshwater, mooring space, and ship-to-ship transfers, among others.

Why Should You Take This Cruise to Belize?

Visitors may take a tender to one of the numerous mainland excursions or stay on the island, which has a big pool and beach with zip lining and water sports.

If you want to get started with your Belize trip, check out the enclosed nature area with birds and butterflies. Belize is just that Caribbean getaway that’s not as expensive as the Bahamas.

The country is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers some of the world’s most diverse activities. Tourists can explore Maya Ruins, learn about Mayan culture, zipline through the rainforest canopy, or go caving in one of Belize’s many caves.

Cruises to Belize: Maya Ruins

To top it all off, the community has a unique blend of Caribbean and Spanish influences. Bringing the various cultures of the Kriols, Garifunas, Mayans, and Spanish in peace and harmony in one place and resulting in a diversified culture that food, music, and tradition you will surely enjoy.

Discovering Belize Beyond Its Shores with Cruises

When you think of Belize, you may conjure images of turquoise waters, soft sandy beaches, and the relaxing sound of the waves hitting the shore. But cruises to Belize offer much more than just a glimpse of its pristine coastline. These cruises unlock a treasure trove of experiences, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Belize’s cultural, historical, and natural wonders.

Ancient Echoes: The Mayan Ruins

One of the highlights of cruises to Belize is the opportunity to step back in time. Beyond Belize City, shore excursions from cruises transport travelers to a bygone era when the ancient Mayans ruled. These trips showcase intricate Mayan ruins that narrate tales of a civilization that once flourished in Central America. But the experience doesn’t end at the ruins. Many cruises include stops at wildlife preserves and mesmerizing botanical gardens, offering a panoramic view of Belize’s diverse ecosystem.

A Taste of Belize: From Fish to Fried Chicken

Cruises to Belize introduce travelers to the Belizean culinary scene, a delightful mix of traditional and modern flavors. Given its vast coastline, Belize offers a plethora of fish dishes that tantalize the palate. For instance, the hudut, a creamy fish soup brewed in rich coconut milk, and seasoned with fragrant cilantro and okra, is a must-try for those aboard.

However, if fish isn’t on your menu, Belize’s signature dish awaits a hearty platter of rice with fried chicken and beans. This delectable dish embodies Belize’s essence – simple, comforting, and utterly delicious. When paired with cruise stories of the day, it becomes a meal to cherish.

Natural Marvels: Barrier Reefs and Beaches

The underwater marvels of Belize are a highlight of many cruises. With the second-largest barrier reef globally, divers and snorkelers on cruises to Belize are treated to a mesmerizing marine display. The vivid corals, diverse fish species, and pristine blue waters promise an experience like no other.

After exploring the marine depths, cruises often recommend the sun-drenched beaches of Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye. Located conveniently close to the port, these beaches are tranquil havens, ideal for those wishing to relax and soak in the Caribbean sun.

Belize: A Journey Through Time

While its natural beauty is undeniable, the history that cruises to Belize unravels is equally enthralling. Formerly a British colony, Belize boasts a mosaic of tales. The nation, known as Belize since 1973, transitioned from its colonial legacy, moving towards independence in 1981. Every nook and cranny of Belize echoes its past, from ancient Mayan supremacy to British governance, and ultimately, its proud stand as an independent state.

Choosing the Right Cruise

While cruises to Belize promise a plethora of experiences, it’s crucial to remember that not all shore excursions, especially those to the Mayan ruins or pristine beaches, are available on every cruise line or vessel. Prices and availability can also fluctuate based on the season. Therefore, when considering cruises to Belize, it’s vital to select one that resonates with your interests to truly savor the Belizean adventure.

Things To Do in Your Port Day in Belize

To help you choose the best activity and plan effectively, here are some things and places to check out and a few tips to help you cruise to Belize

1. Explore Belize City

The cruise port in Belize City is a major hub for cruises to Belize, seamlessly integrating the country’s coastal allure with its deep-rooted history. Serving as an excellent starting point, eager cruisers embark on cruises to Belize, ready to delve into the wonders of this captivating country. This port is not only a gateway to Belize’s rich heritage but also a popular launch point for snorkeling and scuba diving adventures. The Belize Barrier Reef and the world-renowned Blue Hole, prime attractions for cruises to Belize, beckon just off the coast.

Cruises to Belize: Belize City

While in Belize City, cruise visitors often make their way to the Museum of Belize during their cruises to Belize. This significant landmark, which once functioned as Her Majesty’s prison until 2002, offers a deep dive into the Mayan civilization. Cruises to Belize aims to provide a holistic experience, and understanding the intriguing blend of grim and illustrious history presented through drawings and artifacts in this museum is essential.

However, Belize’s true essence extends beyond its city limits. Many cruises to Belize also thoughtfully include excursions to the country’s verdant interior. Away from the bustling metropolis, the heart of Belize, a focal point for cruises to Belize, reveals a world of natural and cultural treasures waiting to be explored.

2. Experience Rainforest Hiking

Belize, a popular destination for cruises, boasts a tropical climate with no high elevation, ensuring it’s rarely affected by snow. With the island at sea level and cruises to Belize becoming increasingly sought after, tourists are captivated by its abundance of natural resources. One of the most favored activities is rainforest hikes, which offer a unique experience distinct from the luxurious cruises.

Cruises to Belize: Rainforest Hiking

While rainforest hiking can pose risks due to the many snakes and insects inhabiting the area, these adventures remain a top choice for tourists cruising to Belize. They are eager to experience something fresh and distinct in this Caribbean gem.

Embarking on a hike through Belize’s verdant landscapes after disembarking from a cruise allows travelers to witness breathtaking views of the surrounding flora. Additionally, vibrant birds often playfully seek tourists’ attention, either from treetops or along the trekking pathways, adding to the allure of this cruise destination.

3. Horseback Riding in Belize

Horseback riding in Belize, often a popular excursion for those on cruises to Belize, is a one-of-a-kind experience with the opportunity to see wild animals, flora, and fauna that you won’t see anywhere else.

Cruises to Belize: Horseback Riding in Belize

When going through the rainforest on horseback, you may come across toucans, howler monkeys, sloths, deer, iguanas, and even jaguars! Many tourists, especially those arriving on cruises to Belize, have had such a fantastic time on horseback that they leave with a feeling of satisfaction unmatched by visiting other destinations.

After the tour is over, you may enjoy a traditional Belizean dish for lunch. Those who’ve come via cruises to Belize often rave about the authenticity of the experience. Following the meal, you can cool down in the swimming pool available at the resort.

This incredible journey can cost you anywhere from 80.00USD, with the price varying based on the cruise company you choose for your Belize adventure.

4. Tour to the Wetlands

A trip to the wetlands during your cruises to Belize is an unparalleled opportunity to appreciate pristine ecosystems and spot many variations of wildlife. There are numerous ways you can experience a wetland tour on your Belizean cruise adventure, but typically, you’ll want to make your way by traveling by airboat.

Cruises to Belize: Wetlands

The experience, a highlight of many cruises to Belize, will leave you with outstanding impressions of nature’s best in this exciting country. This includes mangroves that house a variety of birds and animals and fascinating species of plants that grow only in these environments, making it a must-visit during your Belize cruise itinerary.

5. ATV Through the Jungle

Another way to experience the unparalleled nature of Belize is by renting an ATV. One great place you could go is the Lamanai Archaeological site, where you can learn about the ancient Mayan culture.

Cruises to Belize: ATV

The site, which houses a ruined temple and a larger-than-life Mayan statue, will give you plenty to talk about when back home. 

6. Ziplines in Belize

Cruises to Belize: Ziplines in Belize

Ziplines in Belize are experiences that you don’t want to end, especially if you’re arriving from one of the cruises to Belize. The ziplines, often a popular excursion for cruise passengers, will take your breath away and give you the best views of this beautiful country. You’ll be taken through the jungle, over rivers, along ridges, and into the lush rainforest. Your feet will barely touch the ground while flying high up in the air for miles (sometimes it even includes a few suspension bridges)!

Aside from being an attraction for thrill-seekers and those disembarking from cruises to Belize, zip lining is also a great way to experience how birds would see things if they were human-sized.

Your aerial view of the trees is fantastic for wildlife viewing, and just enjoying the scenery on a higher level than walking through it might afford you. This is especially true if you’ve just docked from one of the cruises to Belize and are looking for a unique perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you know?

Belize is home to the Great Blue Hole, a massive underwater sinkhole and UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a popular destination for scuba divers on cruises to Belize. The Great Blue Hole is approximately 410 feet (125 meters) deep and is known for its incredible underwater formations and vibrant marine life, including sharks and colorful coral formations. It’s often considered one of the top diving spots in the world, and its unique circular shape makes it a truly remarkable natural wonder for underwater enthusiasts.


Belize is a great country to visit for those interested in walking through rainforests, exploring ruins of ancient civilizations, and spotting wildlife. It also has zip lines that will blow your mind! Some resorts range from rustic to luxurious in terms of lodging, and you’re sure to find the one that suits your tastes. You can’t go wrong with Belize! Now you’re all set to head down to Belize! Remember to pack your sense of adventure and have a glorious trip!

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