Cruises to Belize

Cruises to Belize: Best Way to Experience Belize City

by Christian Petzold - updated August 20, 2021

The Cruise life is calling your name! Who doesn’t want to cruise the Caribbean? 

Get ready! The Caribbean awaits the beautiful country of Belize as your destination. Experience ancient ruins and rich culture that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

About one-third of the people in Belize live within the central valley, surrounded by mountains and tropical greenery. It’s also home to some unique wildlife like jaguars, crocodiles, as well as macaws, and toucans.

On top of it all, Belize has some gorgeously secluded beaches that you can only reach by boat or hiking trails. So it’s definitely worth checking out for your next getaway!

If you’re planning to experience cruises to Belize, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the things to do in Central America and the Western Caribbean. So follow these Belize travel ideas for your next seaside trip and get ready.

Cruises to Belize

Cruise ships began coming to Belize in 1991, and the industry has proven massively beneficial to the country’s economy. Cruisers might not have as much time to see Belize’s many gems, but those who visit still leave with incredible memories of their short visit. 

Belize Cruises

Cruise-based tours include everything from caving and tubing to climbing Maya sites. With sights like these, it’s little wonder people return again and again for a Belize vacation.

Belize’s Cruise Ports

Fort Street Tourism Village Cruise Port

Cruises to Belize

Belize’s original cruise port is a tender port, which means it takes about 15 minutes to get from the ship to the beach. The village resembles an open-air mini-mall in appearance, and it has numerous courtyards, snack bars, and local shops, so it’s perfect for shopping.

The authentic Caribbean and foreign food are available at many restaurants, and sometimes there’s live local entertainment. 

Harvest Caye Cruise Port

Cruises to Belize: Harvest Caye Cruise Port

Harvest Caye Cruise Port offers private, charter, and commercial vessels between Belize City and Ambergris Caye for tourists as well as fishing charters for local residents.

In addition, several anchorages nearby offer a diverse variety of services, including fuel, freshwater, mooring space, ship-to-ship transfers, among others.

Why Should You Take This Cruise to Belize?

Visitors may take a tender to one of the numerous mainland excursions or stay on the island, which has a big pool and beach with zip lining and water sports.

If you want to get started with your Belize trip, check out the enclosed nature area with birds and butterflies. Belize is just that Caribbean getaway that’s not as expensive as the Bahamas.

The country is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers some of the world’s most diverse activities. Tourists can explore Maya Ruins, learn about Mayan culture, zipline through the rainforest canopy, or go caving in one of Belize’s many caves.

Cruises to Belize: Maya Ruins

To top it all off, the community has a unique blend of Caribbean and Spanish influences. Bringing the various cultures of the Kriols, Garifunas, Mayans, and the Spanish in peace and harmony in one place. Resulting in a diversified culture that food, music, and tradition you will surely enjoy.

Things To Do in Your Port Day in Belize

To help you choose the best activity and plan effectively, here are some things and places to check out and a few tips to help you cruise to Belize

Explore Belize City

Cruises to Belize: Belize City

The cruise port in Belize City serves as an excellent starting point for cruisers who can’t wait any longer to explore this exciting country. In addition, it’s a popular destination for snorkeling and scuba diving, thanks to Belize Barrier Reef and the world-famous Blue Hole right off the shore.

While inside the city, you should visit the Museum of Belize, which used to be Her Majesty’s prison until 2002. Here, you can learn the grim and glorious history of the Mayan civilization and get a good look at their daily lives through drawings and artifacts. 

However, the finest of Belize is not found in the city. In fact, it is located a bit inland, away from the metropolis. Nevertheless, there is so much to see and do in the country’s interior; here’s more. 

Experience Rainforest Hiking

Cruises to Belize: Rainforest Hiking

Belize is a country with a tropical climate with no high elevation, so it’s rarely affected by snow. Though the island is at sea level, it has an abundance of natural resources. Rainforest hikes are one such activity in which tourists love to take part.

Though rainforest hiking can be dangerous because of the many snakes and insects that live there, they are still popular activities among tourists who want to experience something unique and new when visiting this Caribbean hotspot. 

Hiking through the lush vegetation also allows you to capture some astounding views of the surrounding flora, as well as some vibrant birds who will have fun trying to get your attention from up in a tree or along your trekking route!

Horseback Riding in Belize

Cruises to Belize: Horseback Riding in Belize

Horseback riding in Belize is a one-of-a-kind experience with the opportunity of seeing wild animals, flora, and fauna that you won’t see anywhere else. 

When going through the rainforest on horseback, you may come across toucans, howler monkeys, sloths, deer, iguanas, and even jaguars! Tourists have had such a fantastic time on horseback that they leave with a feeling of satisfaction they wouldn’t get by visiting any other country (especially not one as expensive as Costa Rica).

After the tour is over, you may enjoy a traditional Belizean dish for lunch. After that, you may cool down in the swimming pool that is available at the resort.

This incredible journey can cost you anywhere from 80.00USD, depending on the cruise company you choose to take.

Tour to the Wetlands

Cruises to Belize: Wetlands

A trip to the wetlands is an opportunity to appreciate pristine ecosystems and spot many variations of wildlife. There are numerous ways you can experience about a wetland tour, but typically, you’ll want to make your way by traveling by airboat.

The experience will leave you with outstanding impressions of nature’s best in this exciting country, including mangroves that house a variety of birds and animals and fascinating species of plants that grow only in these environments. 

ATV Through the Jungle

Cruises to Belize: ATV

Another way to experience the unparalleled nature of Belize is by renting an ATV. One great place you could go is the Lamanai Archaeological site, where you can learn about the ancient Mayan culture.

The site, which houses a ruined temple and a larger-than-life Mayan statue, will give you plenty to talk about when back home. 

Ziplines in Belize

Cruises to Belize: Ziplines in Belize

Ziplines in Belize are experiences that you don’t want to end. The ziplines will take your breath away and give you the best views of this beautiful country. You’ll be taken through the jungle, over rivers, along ridges, and visit the lush rainforest. Your feet will barely touch the ground while flying high up in the air for miles (sometimes it even includes a few suspension bridges)!

Aside from being an attraction for thrill-seekers, zip lining is also a great way to experience how birds would see things if they were human-sized.

Your aerial view of the trees is fantastic for wildlife viewing, and just enjoying the scenery on a higher level than walking through it might afford you.

Belize is a great country to visit for those interested in walking through rainforests, exploring ruins of ancient civilizations, and spotting wildlife. It also has zip lines that will blow your mind! Some resorts range from rustic to luxurious in terms of lodging, and you’re sure to find the one that suits your tastes. You can’t go wrong with Belize! Now you’re all set to head down to Belize! Remember to pack your sense of adventure and have a glorious trip!

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