Dinner Cruise in Myrtle Beach

Dinner Cruise in Myrtle Beach: Enjoy the Beauty of the Ocean as You View the Sites Around You

by Christian Petzold - updated March 30, 2023

If you’re looking for a fun and romantic evening, dinner cruises in Myrtle Beach are one of the best ways to make that happen. Taking a dinner cruise allows you to experience the beauty of the ocean while taking in the sites around you.

In this article, I will provide some tips on how you can make the most out of your dinner cruise in Myrtle Beach experience. From finding the right boat to dining onboard, I have all the information you need to have a fantastic time while serenaded by the waves.

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Popular Sunset Dinner Cruise in Myrtle Beach

The Sunset Dinner Cruise in Myrtle Beach is a popular way to enjoy a romantic evening with stunning coastline views. Set sail on a luxury yacht and indulge in a delectable four-course meal prepared by renowned chefs. Relax and enjoy the sunset as it sets over the horizon, creating an unforgettable experience.

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Here are some popular sunset diner cruises in Myrtle Beach:

Enchanted Sailing Charters offers two sunset sail options on the Enchantress, measuring an impressive 44 feet. The PM Sunset Sail is a three-hour tour through Little River Inlet, passing Dunn Sound and the uninhabited islands. The Sunset Dinner Cruise departs the marina and anchors at Bird Island before serving dinner from Snooky’s. Prices vary for couples or private sail reservations.

The 64-foot-long Barefoot Princess Riverboat offers more than a shoreline cruise. Guests enjoy music on closed and open decks while admiring the sunset. On select nights, the cruise is timed to watch the fireworks at Barefoot Landing. Prices range from $12 to $23 for snacks and drinks at the onboard Snack Bar.

Express Watersports offers a one-hour slow-paced cruise on Murrells Inlet with complimentary drinks and snacks. The $30 adult and $25 child tickets require a valid photo ID and a camera. Groups with reservations should arrive 30 minutes before departure.

Crazy Sister Marina’s two-hour Beach and Ocean Sightseeing Cruise sails to the SkyWheel with breathtaking sunset views along the marsh and ocean. Access to an air-conditioned cabin, a snack bar, and onboard bathrooms is available. Adult tickets are $30, and children’s tickets are $20. Reservations are recommended.

The East Coast BrewBoat is a one-of-a-kind experience perfect for those who love biking, boating, and beer. Pedal along the Murrells Inlet marshlands while enjoying drinks and music with friends. The one-hour cruise costs $25 for an individual seat or $325 for a private charter of up to 15 people. Passengers must be over 21 with a valid photo ID to bring wine or beer aboard.

Myrtle Beach’s Best Time for Dinner Cruises

As the more astonishing weather sets in and the summer crowds disperse, fall becomes the perfect time to take in the natural beauty of Myrtle Beach from a unique vantage point. A cozy cruise boat provides a comfortable and intimate way to witness the stunning coastline and breathtaking sunsets of the South Carolina coast. 

The autumnal colors and cool sea breeze only enhance the spectacular views, and the observation deck provides unobstructed sightlines for the most picturesque scenes. The fall season’s slower pace and quieter atmosphere only add to the peacefulness of the experience. 

From the gentle sway of the boat to the calming sound of the water, everything about a fall cruise along the Myrtle Beach coastline is designed to offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A Dinner Cruise in Myrtle Beach Offers a Variety of Dining Options

Cruising along the Myrtle Beach coastline in the fall is the perfect way to enjoy scenic views. Lunch options include sandwiches, chips, cookies, and a non-alcoholic beverage. Snacks and drinks are available for purchase, and a fully stocked bar is open for those 21+ with a valid ID. Onboard entertainment and narration are included, providing an opportunity to learn about the area’s history and ecology while enjoying live music and other entertainment.

Additional Activities and Entertainment Offered

A dinner cruise in Myrtle Beach offers an excellent dining experience and provides various activities and entertainment options. You can groove to the beats of live music played by talented musicians and dance to your favorite tunes on the spacious dance floor. 

Some cruises feature interactive games like trivia, while others offer performances by local artists or magicians. You can also get a chance to learn about the history and geography of the coastline from a knowledgeable tour guide, adding an educational aspect to your evening. 

Additionally, some dinner cruises offer particular themes like murder mystery or pirate adventures, adding excitement and mystery to your experience. Whether looking for a romantic evening or a fun-filled night with friends, a dinner cruise in Myrtle Beach combines dining, entertainment, and sightseeing.

An Overview of Price Ranges

The price range for dinner cruises in Myrtle Beach varies depending on the cruise operator and the type of experience offered. Some cruises start at around 40 per adult, while others cost $100 per person. Factors that can affect the price include the cruise duration, the type of meal served, the quality of onboard entertainment, and the amenities offered onboard. 

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Additionally, private charters are available for those who prefer a more exclusive and personalized experience. These can vary significantly in price based on the size of the group, the charter length, and the customization level. It’s best to research different options and compare prices and offerings to find the best dinner cruise experience that fits your budget and preferences.

Myrtle Beach offers diverse dinner cruises to suit every budget and preference, from casual to fine dining, interactive games to live music and performances, and educational tours to themed adventures. Whether celebrating a special occasion or looking for a fun night out, a dinner cruise promises an unforgettable experience with stunning coastal views, delectable cuisine, and entertaining activities.

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