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Packing List With 68 Essential Travel Accessories

by Christian Petzold - updated July 17, 2020

They say packing for a vacation is a talent and having the right travel accessories with you can make all the difference and turns out to be of the utmost importance when traveling.

Be prepared and don’t forget to put these 68 Best Travel Accessories on your packing list.

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Travel Accessories Table of Contents

If you are looking for tips on what to bring on longer trips you can also take a look at this Checklist for Long-Term Travel

Bags & Storage

1. Ziploc Space Bags

These Ziploc Travel Space Bags provide up to 2x the space savings (depending on the items placed in the bag).

But the best part of all is that there is no vacuum required as compression is activated by rolling the bag. Once you do that they are airtight, water-resistant, and reusable. BPA free.

Vacuum-sealing drastically reduces the effects of oxidation and slows down the growth of mildew too.

It protects items from moisture, mildew, insects, odors, and allergens that might damage them while traveling.

2. Leather Travel Shirt Carrier

This model is called Sepino. It is a premium shirt case ideal for the traveling gentleman, who wants to have their shirts perfectly slipped into a luggage bag or large briefcase on business trips.

It features a dual snap fastening which opens with side zips to a singe gusseted faux leather-lined compartment which can hold up to four shirts – it can also be used as a shoe case if preferred.

3. Multi-Bag Stacker

This ingenious strap is designed so you can move and transport up to 4 bags of different sizes with one hand.

Simply attach the 3 hooks to the top handles of 3 rolling bags, attach a tote or briefcase to the front bag’s add-a-bag strap, tip the back bag onto its rear wheels and off you go.

The bags are balanced and virtually weightless. Perfect for travelers that have multiple luggage during their trip.

Multi-Bag Stacker

4. Travel Luggage Packing Organizers

This is a lifesaver for people like me who don’t have a talent for packing. This set of Packing Cubes can help you keep everything organized and tight so that everything always fits on your luggage.

These can be used for your different packing purposes, save you some much-needed place, and make your luggage clean and tidy.

5. Inflatable Travel Bag

You will be needing this versatile roll-up travel bag that suspends items in an inflatable air cushion to protect your bottles such as perfumes, camera lenses, toiletries, wet or soiled items.

It also protects the rest of your clothes or electronics from accidental spills.

6. Portable Hanging Travel

This portable hanging travel organizer is very convenient to use for travelers. don’t get confused by the photo, they come in tons of different colors.

It has multiple compartments for different sizes of beauty products, the bag will keep your toiletry accessories safe, it’s easy to access them, quicker and more convenient.

The best part is that when you arrive at your hotel, you simply hang it in the bathroom, no need to unpack anything.

7. Travel Passport Wallet

These are made so you can store all of your essential documents, cards, money, and papers.

This is a slim and lightweight wallet especially made to hold passports safely so you don’t lose them.

8. Small Travel Jewelry Box Organizer

Traveling with jewelry is never advised. It could make you a target for thieves but if you still want to do it, you need to make sure that you keep them organized.

That is where this compact and lightweight jewelry organizer comes in.

It is great for carrying small jewelry (earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets, etc) when traveling.

9. Anti Theft Laptop Daypack/Backpack

This backpack is perfect for day trips in the city or out on the backroads.

With it’s clean and slim design and protective spaces for your electronics, snacks, water bottle, and clothes it becomes the perfect bag for day trips.

It has Lockable Zippers and Cut Proof Materials (lightweight steel mesh) to prevent theft/ pickpocketing, plus an RFID blocking pocket to keep your credit cards/ IDs safe.

10. Passport Holder Cover Wallet

Organization is key if you want to experience hassle-free travel. This passport wallet is great to protect your most important document while abroad.

It is for those who don’t want a whole separate wallet for it.

It comes with security elastic, and RFID blocking shield material that helps prevent personal account information disclosure.

11. Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Is there anything worse than being told at the airport that you need to pay for overweight Fees?

You can hook this portable digital luggage scale to your suitcased for instant weight and save time before you wait in line.

It is small, compact and will help you keep your luggage within the right weight.

12. Waterproof Dry Bag

Water or nature activities are on your bucket list for the next trip?

Then you need one of these!

It’s durable and rugged, and unlike a regular dry sack you don’t have to worry about your valuables and electronics.

13. Travel ID Bag Tag

Get your bags protected by having luggage travel tags.

In case your luggage goes missing, it’s much easier for the airline to locate it and then contact you, thanks to this tiny accessory.

They use high-grade stainless steel cables to keep tags secure to any luggage while traveling.

14. Luggage

Having hardshell luggage not only helps you stay stylish but it also helps you protect your belongings.

This particular set is extremely lightweight and durable spinner features lightweight 100% polycarbonate construction with sharp molded details.

TSA approved combination lock for security and peace of mind.

Shoes & Clothing

15. Tank Top with Hidden Zipper Pockets

This unique shirt comes with a pocket that is just the right size for a large cell phone and can comfortably accommodate an additional passport, credit cards, id cards, driver’s license, keys, and cash too.

Traditional tank top style, with one or two large zipped pockets on the front perfect for both warm and cool climates.

16. Travel Scarf with Secret Zipper Pocket

This cute Scarf has a hidden small zipper pocket to secure your phone, credit cards, passport, tickets, wallet, or any other small personal items that you may want to keep close to you and safe. Perfect for travelers!

Personally I wouldn’t carry anything too heavy, but and ID and a couple cards would definitely be useful, especially for someone like me who doesn’t enjoy using purses.

17. Compressions Socks

Compressions socks give you comfort for long flights and air travel when your legs get swollen, not just on long exercise sessions.

These are durable Compression Socks designed to last, without compromising quality or Comfort. Double-stitched Fabric your legs will thank you.

Feel the immediate Comfort and remarkable design of your new Stamina Long Sock Tights.

18. Top Ankle Bootie with Pocket

The perfect bootie for life on the go!

These aren’t just great for walking and hours of exploring a new city, but they also have a hidden benefit. At the sides of each of these ankle boots, you’ll find a roomy 2.25-inch by 3.25-inch pocket that is perfect for securely storing your cash, credit cards, or ID.

This way, you can keep your pockets a lot lighter and your essentials safe.


19. Mummy Liner

Every adventure knows about the importance of a sleeping bag and of keeping it safe and clean. This is where a high-quality mummy liner comes in. It helps you keep your sleeping bag clean for longer and provides additional insulation.

It can also be used on its own in plans or warmer climates where you still want to be covered and protected from the wind.

This one is made of silk is the optimum fabric for minimizing packing size and weight.

20. Travel Pillow

Comfortable & Lightweight, Breathable and Improved Support Design for Airplanes and Travel.

It is secure and give comfortable sleeping experience.

The zippered pillow cover could be removed for washing, which is more hygienic and comfortableck or outside of your luggage without taking up extra space.

21. Sleep Mask

These are essential to block out light at the plane, street lamps, or The Morning Sun – Helping You to Relax and Fall Asleep Quickly For A Blissful Sleep and Wake Up Refreshed during your travel.

It won’t Smudge Makeup and combines well with continuous positive Airway Pressure Therapy Apparatus.

22. Hammock

This Hammock was designed to make setting up dead simple. As an avid traveler and adventurer, I can tell you that these are gold if you are going to be hiking.

It is built to take away any hassle, fuss or hoopla.

It is simple, strong and complete. No loops. No knots. Infinite adjustments.

It doesn’t matter if you are camping, finding a vista, or relaxing in the backyard. These hammocks are ready for it. Plus they are water-resistant (not waterproof)

23. Mosquito Bed Net

Mosquito nets are another must-have for those looking to go out to nature, especially in tropical countries.

They are easy to set up and provide a safe and comfortable space to take a rest, have a meal or a picnic.

This rectangular double-wide mosquito net provides fully enclosed protection against biting insects and mosquitoes when sleeping.

24. Pocket, Picnic and Beach Blanket

Having a picnic in a nice park or watching a sunset on the beach? Then you will want this compact pocket blanket. It is puncture resistant so you don’t need to worry too much about it ripping and water-resistant.

It protects you from twigs, rocks, dirt, sand, and insects and has weighted corners so it doesn’t fly away on breezy days.


25. Travel Bottles

Most airlines are very strict when it comes to liquids. So you need to take all of your hygiene essentials in TSA approved bottles that carry the right amount.

These leak-proof travel bottles are just what you need.

26. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Traveling in a country during winter season?

This double-wall bottle will ensure that your hot drinks to maintain their temperature up to 6 hours, and cold drinks for up to 24 hours even spending hours and hours exploring the city.

27. Bamboo Travel Utensils

This is an eco-friendly way to always make sure that you are always ready for some street food or to have some take out in your hotel room.

Using these reusable bamboo utensils os añsp a great way to reduce your plastic waste.

Plus they are heat and stain-resistant, won’t impart or absorb flavors.

28. Water Bottle

This Nalgene water bottle is completely leak-proof, made of virtually indestructible BPA-free Tritan, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe on the top rack.

For Your Everyday Adventures, take your Nalgene bottle to the gym, office, camping, exploring and everywhere in between.

It is a great alternative if you aren’t a fan of stainless steel bottles.

29. Water Bottle with Built-in Pill Organizer

This is another great alternative for those who need to travel with medicine. You will have it with you at all times while having your adventures abroad.

It is for those who require a daily organizer.

The new, sleek “in style” Asobu Pill Bottle has capacity for 20 ounces and 7 slots for up to 3 large pills each.

30. Pill Organizers

If you’re traveling with medication, and prefer to have your pills organized in something that isn’t your wattle bottle, this is a great option.

It saves space and helps to keep your medications organized with its seven sides, each labeled in large print and braille for each day of the week.

31. Face Mask

When traveling you will constantly find yourself in places with air conditioning which is extremely drying to the skin. So you need to take care of it, especially your face.

These disposable face masks are great for on the go and can be used in congested airports, bus terminals, malls, and hotels.

32. Portable Clothesline with Clothespins

Those who understand the trouble of drying clothes when in travel or the cost of paying for a dryer understand the importance of having one of these.

The clothesline is made of stainless steel material that makes it strong, durable and rust retardant.

It is ideal for hotel bathrooms.

33. Wet Wipes

Let’s be honest, wet wipes are a must for everyone who travels. They allow you to do a quick refresh whenever you want.

These wet wipes are Unscented, you’ll be able to clean yourself from head to toe without smelling like a daffodil or baby.

The goal is removing grime and odors, not drowning in cheap perfume.

34. LifeStraw

Lifestraw is a great choice for travellers to bring along to consume safe drinking water anywhere. This small device will allow you to refill your waterbottle anywhere!

A must-carry tool for hiking, camping, overall travel, and emergencies.

It removes a minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.2 microns; surpasses EPA filter standards.

35. Travel Laundry Detergent

By packing these there will be no more expensive hotel laundry service. Or you will also be able to do some laundry on your airbnb.

You can have this Travel Laundry Detergent Liquid Soap in a small sachet. You can use it pretty much anywhere to easily wash clothes right from the convenience of your hotel sink (or bathtub).

36. Sun Protecting Lip Balm

Keeping your lips protected from wind, sun, A/C, and harmful UVA and UVB rays is important while traveling if you want to avoid the pain of cracked lips.

Apply generously and evenly to lips 30 minutes before going out in the sun, or whenever they feel dry or chapped.

The tube is small and tiny and has the perfect size for traveling.

37. Travel Humidifier

This tiny and elegant personal humidifier quietly moistens the air in small spaces, providing the ideal moisture balance to help you breathe better.

Simple in design but powerful in function and performance, this portable unit utilizes individual water bottles (sold separately) to improve the air quality and moisture content in the immediate vicinity while combating the harsh effects of dry air.

38. SteriPen Classic 3 UV Water Purifier

Steripen uses UV technology and destroys over 99.9% of bacteria Viruses and protozoa, like Giardia and Cryptosporidium Certified for purification by the water quality Association.

This is a more sophisticated way of the life straw that we mentioned earlier. It is great if you want to feel safe while drinking water abroad.

You can bring this SteriPen Classic 3 UV Water Purifier and 40 micron Pre-Filter bundle.

39. Pocket Foil Shaver

If you are a fan of being freshly groomed while abroad or are traveling for business, having one of these will make your life easier. You won’t have to go looking for razors all over the place.

This electric razor comes with an extra-wide and thin ultra flexible foil. It is also fully washable under running water, and is powered by easily replaceable batteries.

40. Microfiber Travel Towel

I believe that everyone should have a microfiber travel towel on them at all times while abroad.

It’s easy to carry and space-saving. You can practically & easy to hang anywhere and it will dry faster than normal towels.

41. Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Now more than ever, keeping your hands germ-free regularly is a must! This Hand Sanitizer protects you against germs and bacteria while still being, small, lightweight, and flexible. so it won’t take too much space on your luggage or backpack.


42. Travel Door Alarm

Traveling to a place for the first time and not yet comfortable with the neighborhood? No problem!

You can have this secured and versatile travel door alarm. Just place it near your hotel or Airbnb door or windows.

43. Luggage Locks

Keep your stuff safe with a TSA approved luggage lock.

This is a must on your suitcase or backpack if you want to avoid sneaky airport workers who love opening up backpacks and taking things.

44. Money Belt

This belt is a great thing to travel with if you are feeling particularly unsafe about a region you are about to visit. It is equipped with an easy-to-use hidden zippered security pouch.

Unlike similar products, the Zero Grid Travel Security Belt is TSA approved and with buckle designed to not open easily by pulling.

Camera Gear

45. Optical Camera Lens for Smartphones and Tablets

Phones already come with amazing cameras, so why carry around a camera too? You can just get a good quality lens for your phone and have amazing photos from your trips.

Get up close with its 10x Optical zoom, smooth image stabilization and capture those special moments even in low light conditions.

46. GoPro

GoPro is the best camera for all types of outdoor adventures. Not just because of its resistance and great quality of photos it takes but because of how compact it is.

This is the perfect gadget for adventurers.

47. Extension Pole

Enables more stable footage than holding the GoPro camera by hand.

Makes it easy to aim your camera and capture a bunch of different angles.

Great for swimming, surfing, diving, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, and other sports.

48. Drone, DJI Spark

Drone photos are getting increasingly popular especially. They provide great and dramatic aerial views.

It’s Safety Worry-free flight in the palm of your hand which is ideal for travel.

49. Camera Wrist Strap

This wrist strap is compatible with compact cameras all the way up to full-frame DSLRs and even medium format cameras.

You can also attach this one to GoPros.

50. Camera Bag

Whether you’re a beginning photographer, a pro who just needs to carry essentials, or just somebody who prefers to pack light, the Everyday Sling is the ultimate minimalist on-the-go bag.

It is ideal for organization, transport, and quick-access of essentials, whether you’re carrying camera, drone, or everyday gear.

51. Flexible Cell Phone Tripod

Perfect for taking selfies or group shots (including the photographer) from a distance of up to 30 feet (10 m).

You only need to pair the remote control with your smartphone once.

Then choose the camera app you want to use and press the button of the remote control to capture that awesome picture!


52. SoundBender for iPads

If you are a music lover and you love you to listen to lovely music especially when you are on the road sound of your iPad with this SoundBender.

This wonderful mini device enhancer can fit easily in your clothing pockets, pouch, bags, and never misplaced or lose it. It will also save you the space that a Bluetooth speaker.

53. Travel-sized Wireless Router with USB Media Storage

Staying connected to the world is important if you are traveling.

This Travel Router instantly converts a wired network to wireless with easy setup.

Also can bridge an existing wireless network, create your own secure Wi-Fi network.

54. Universal Travel Adapter

When traveling abroad and bringing electronics this is an essential piece of gear. This Travel Power Adapter covers over 150 countries with US/EU/UK/AU plugs and Powerful 4 USB Ports.

With one of these, you can charge multiple electronics safely. Plus it is portable, lightweight, very easy to use during travel.

55. Power Bank

This portable charger’s remarkably small, tubular design slides easily next to your phone in any pocket or bag. Just 10cm tall and 3cm wide and provides up to two full charges.

Perfect for travel and stay charged on the go.

56. Lifeproof Phone Case

Protect your phone from water, drops and scratches with this Lifeproof Phone Case.

It is Compatible with devices up to 85mm x 170mm and comes with a neck strap for convenient carrying during travel.

It has a simple snap and lock access, easy to keep out water, snow, dust, sand, and dirt.

57. Electronic Cable Organizer

It is very easy to carry and a great partner for your hard drive and other cables.

This is a versatile electronic accessories organizer specifically designed for well-organized people. It comes with multiple pockets of various sizes provide great flexibility for organizing your accessories.

58. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Listening to music during your Beach Travel or Island Hopping?

This 100% Waterproof VicTsing portable bluetooth speaker can totally resist water spray and splash perfect for your trip.

59. Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs aren’t the most comfortable thing to wear but when on a long plane, train, or bus ride they can be your saviors.

These earplugs block out all noise, will allow you to have some much-needed rest.

They are made with soft silicone and designed with a super comfortable shape that adjusts to your ear, these reusable earplugs are comfortable even when worn for an extended time.

60. Headphones

These are noise-canceling headphones that also offer a great quality of sound. They will allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes without bothering anyone else and without getting any annoying noise from the outside.

Another great way to get into your own bubble while traveling and not being disturbed.

61. External Hard Drive

If you are a traveler and loves to take photos, backing it up is essential.

When traveling, internet is not reliable and not always available so storing it in cloud is impossible.

External Hard Drive is the answer to that.

62. Apple Watch

I know that they might be a little expensive, but being able to have your map on your wrist, check on your messages, and receiving calls from the watch is a huge help in those times when you can’t be taking out your phone.

This has happened to me countless times while hiking and exploring. I hate having my phone on the pocket, being heavy, and moving around. So I throw it on my backpack and have the basics on my watch. .

63. Portable Solar Charger

This is one of the most amazing things to have. You will never have to depend on outlets while traveling. Plus, this is one of the most compact solar chargers on the market.

Benefit from free solar energy in a lightweight foldable format you can always carry with you no matter where you go.

64. Headtorch

These are perfect hiking, climbing, jogging, and skiing but, not only adventurers can benefit from them.

They are also great to avoid bothering others on a plane, in a hotel or hostel, or to go out at night on a not so well lit street.

This one has a dimming function, a flashing mode, maximum power for long and short-range, a red night vision mode, a waterproof housing according to IPX8, and the innovative PowerTap technology.

65. Laptop

Many of us and especially bloggers nowadays find a good, lightweight laptop essential for traveling.

Look for laptops that are known for their durability, processing power, functionality, compact size, and long battery life.

Other Accessories

66. Sunglasses

Wayfarer Sunglasses should always in your travel accessories.

You can use it from both getting stylish and protective purposes when traveling.

67. Playing Cards

There are times that you get bored while traveling especially when you are in a long flight, road trip, or train ride, so always have with you a deck of cards or another compact travel game on hand.

68. Spiral Hair Ties

This is something that I’ve noticed that most long-haired people never seem to have enough of. So, even if it looks obvious, remember to always have a pack of new ones with you.

The smooth plastic, spiral construction helps to prevent tangling and consequently prevents hair breakage when you remove them.

These are only some essentials that most travelers should always carry with them in my opinion. Of course, it will depend on the kind of adventures that you have planned for your next trip. Also as a kind of BONUS recommendation, I’ll mention always keeping your mast on hand, to put on in public or crowded spaces.

Do you have any other essentials that I forgot to mention here? Let me know in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Packing List With 68 Essential Travel Accessories

  1. This is an ultimate list of travel essentials. You have many interesting travel accessories on your lists like the hammock, portable clothesline, Lifestraw and a multi-bag stacker. I am particularly interested in the multi-bag stacker, I never thought of it but I see why it is important for families with multi-bags going on vacation.

  2. Wow this is an amazing list. I realised that I do not have many of this stuff. I would love to buy some of them like the water purifier and the water bottle with the pill organiser. Seems amazing. Thanks for this list, now I can plan on buying each one of them one by one.

  3. You’ve rounded up a great list of travel accessories here. I agree with taking packing organisers and my travel pillow as they’re two things I never leave home without. A lifestraw is also equally useful to have and I’d consider taking one.

    1. Lifestraw was my savior while exploring some of the Central American countries. You can’t always trust water there, but it made me feel safe and I never got sick.

  4. I must admit I have far too many travel accessories. They are taking up more and more space. But then I love when I find new gadgets to add to this pile. I like the idea of an inflatable travel bag as we often bring wine home from trips. Clothes with hidden pockets are great for those days when you really want to travel light and safe. We always travel with a few extra travel locks since we seem to lose one or two on each trip. A good checklist!

    1. I know! I’m constantly finding something new that I want to have on my luggage. But it is time for me to do a cleanup.

  5. It is a great list with many useful items. Packing for a vacation might be challenging, but with your list should be much easier. Such great travel accessories should be considered for buying before dreaming holidays.

    1. It can be hard at first. I remember that for my first trips I had a really hard time deciding what to pack.

  6. This is a super cool list. And I am happy to say that I actually use many of them :). That scarf with secret pockets is an eye-opener though, I never heard of something like this before. Thanks for sharing!

  7. My biggest travel challenge has always been with travel adapters. Because I go to so many different countries I need one of those multi country adapters and they tend to be so heavy but when you go to places like Cambodia or Tyland they never seem to stay in the sockets Very easily and I end up having to prop up the adapter with the book

  8. Wow I am thoroughly impressed.It’s the best travel accessories list that I have come across. Some items draws my attention and ones I have never thought of like Ziploc Travel Space Bags and Leather Shirt Carrier which I would use from now.

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