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Best Pre and Post Cruise Stop Guide for Cruises from Los Angeles, California

by Christian Petzold - updated November 6, 2023

There is no shortage of opportunities in cruising from Los Angeles. People in L.A. can cruise on today’s cruise lines like Cunard, Crystal Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Silversea and many other popular cruise lines.

Famous cruise destinations are Hawaii, Mexico, the Panama Canal, and even The Caribbean. The following are the best stops you should make when you cruises from Los Angeles.

Cruises from Los Angeles: A Global Odyssey Awaits

Los Angeles: The Epicenter of Sea Voyages

Los Angeles, known for its cinematic brilliance, has evolved into a key launching point for cruises from Los Angeles. Beyond its Hollywood glam, the city has become a strategic pivot for travelers embarking on memorable cruises. From sun-drenched Caribbean shores to the Mediterranean’s historical realms, cruises from Los Angeles offer a gateway to global exploration.

Long Beach and San Pedro: Twin Pillars of Cruises from Los Angeles

Central to the thriving scene of cruises from Los Angeles are two vital ports: Long Beach and San Pedro. Both ports form the heart and soul of cruises originating from Los Angeles, granting travelers a myriad of options.

Long Beach Los Angeles

Long Beach, with its captivating vistas, is not just a visual treat. It’s also a prominent launchpad for cruises from Los Angeles that head towards the Caribbean and the intriguing landscapes of South America. Similarly, San Pedro, steeped in maritime tradition, enhances the experience of cruises from Los Angeles, making every departure an event to remember.

The Grand Tapestry of Cruises from Los Angeles

Princess Cruises: A frequenter of the Los Angeles ports, Princess Cruises stands tall in the realm of cruises from Los Angeles. Be it a fleeting escape or an ambitious world cruise, this line turns cruises from Los Angeles into journeys of legends.

Celebrity Cruises: A beacon of opulence in the world of cruises from Los Angeles, Celebrity Cruises offers an enviable suite of options. Be it Mediterranean cruises or Caribbean cruises from Los Angeles, they promise a blend of luxury and wonder.

Caribbean Cruises from Los Angeles: The lure of crystalline waters and sun-kissed beaches is but a cruise away. Cruises from Los Angeles to the Caribbean are your ticket to this tropical utopia, making the dream a tangible reality.

Long Beach Los Angeles1

South America Sojourns: The allure of cruises from Los Angeles isn’t confined to familiar coasts. The rich tapestry of South America, its cultures, and terrains await those venturing on these unique cruises from Los Angeles.

Mediterranean Magic: Cruises from Los Angeles to the Mediterranean are more than just a journey. They’re a leap through epochs, tantalizing the senses with historical wonders and gastronomic delights.

World Cruise Ventures: For the ambitious, a world cruise starting from Los Angeles is the pinnacle of sea adventures. These epic cruises from Los Angeles span continents, offering a taste of the vast and varied world.

Long Beach and San Pedro serve as the twin beacons of cruises from Los Angeles. With stalwarts like Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises charting courses from these ports, the offerings are both diverse and delightful. Whether it’s the Caribbean’s charm, South America’s vibrancy, or the Mediterranean’s depth, remember: every majestic journey can start with cruises from Los Angeles.

L.A. Cruise Port

San Pedro houses the Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Center, the busiest passenger port in the United States West Coast. Both Angeles International Airport (LAX) and Long Beach Airport are the two airports near the pier. 

L.A. Cruise Port is approximately 20.1 miles south of the Los Angeles International Airport. The estimated travel time is around 35-40 minutes. You can also expect Shuttle service and taxis always available. 

If you fly from Long Beach International Airport, the port is 19.1 miles away from the L.A. port. Travelling time is around 20-30 minutes from the port to the airport terminal. Shuttle service and taxis are also always available. 

Cruises from Los Angeles: LA Port

Pre and Post Cruise Stay: Cruises from Los Angeles

With its subtropical temperature, palm trees, and the coast of white sand beaches, Los Angeles is the perfect city for a pre or post-cruise stopover. This is a metropolis of glitter and glamour, beautiful people, and the biggest names in the entertainment business.

The area has theme parks, movie studios, and museums, which makes it a family-friendly town. So, whether you have one day or several days in the place, you’ve got so many things to do.

Additionally, here are some of my favourites. 

Double Decker City Tour

Los Angeles is one of the best places in California to enjoy a Double Decker tour, where you’ll get a front-row seat to see and explore some of the most famous sights in the city. 

Cruises from Los Angeles: Double Decker

The tour will begin at 7:59 AM with a charter bus pick up at your hotel or pickup location. The double-decker makes way north through the San Fernando Valley and arrives in Hollywood for lunch on the famous Walk of Fame, where you’ll have time to take photos.

After lunch, the tour will continue to visit many of L.A.’s other sites, including Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach Boardwalk, Hollywood Bowl Museum, Paramount Studios (optional), Universal Studios (optional), and Beverly Hills.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood is the ideal place to spend an adventure full of entertainment, fun, and thrills. On the day you arrive, you will discover everything there is to know about Hollywood.

The tour begins at Universal CityWalk, where your guide will give you an overview of all things Hollywood and take you inside a classic movie set. From here, there are only hours of great entertainment as your tour guide takes you around all the famous locations in Studio Tour.

Universal Studios Hollywood also has amazing thrill rides, just like its sister parks in Orlando and Osaka, Japan, where visitors can escape reality while riding.

Cruises from Los Angeles: Universal Studios

Venice Beach

Venice Beach is the perfect family destination. There are countless options for activities—everything from surfing, picnicking, shopping, to lounging on the beach. Venice Boardwalk is a must-do attraction where you can watch many talented street performers and people. For a better experience, watch while grabbing an ice cream cone. 

The Venice Canals are another popular attraction that offers a picturesque walk through the canals and surrounding parks. It’s easy to spend one entire day or weekend exploring this area!

Cruises from Los Angeles: Venice Beach


Los Angeles is filled with many iconic movie and T.V. locations. But, it’s also home to Disneyland. This theme park has attractions and entertainment for all ages, from toddlers to adults. A visit to Disneyland is the perfect way to relax in the sun and leave reality behind. It’s a magical place filled with laughter, friendship, and fun–a true “Happiest Place on Earth.” Every ride offers something new.

Here are some of my favourite rides:

  • Space Mountain which is a high-speed roller coaster. 
  • Autopia which is the world’s first amusement park ride designed for automobiles, Indiana Jones. 
  • The Temple of Doom which is an indoor roller coaster with a high-velocity ride in an abandoned temple full of traps and surprises. 
  • The Splash Mountain, where you go on a flume adventure through dark caves before you splash down into cool mountain water.
  • The Matterhorn Bobsleds takes you on another adventure through ice caverns before sending you whizzing around curves.

T.V. Tapings

Take advantage of this admirable opportunity to see the workings of Hollywood, learn how your favourite comedy or talk show is produced, and get a peek at your favourite television celebrities. Request tickets as soon as possible via the internet. Sometimes, tickets are free to public members outside major tourist destinations such as Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and Universal Studios in the Valley. Tickets are also available at the city’s tourist information centres, which are located in Downtown and Hollywood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Almost wherever you choose to go in the world, there is a certainty that a cruise from Los Angeles will get you there. Los Angeles Port is home to more than a dozen cruise line ships, and sails from Los Angeles can take you anywhere in the world.

Year-round sailings to Mexico and autumn through spring sailings to Hawaii and the Panama Canal are some of the most popular cruises departing from Los Angeles Port. Australia and the Caribbean are other destinations on cruises departing from Los Angeles.

All of these places and more are easy for you to book. Just look at sailings by month, pick your destination and date, and choose which cruises are available from Los Angeles at that particular time. The expedition you’ve always wished for may only be minutes away from you finding out.

Are you looking for more guides to soothe your nerves and to take in the best sights? We have you covered! You’ll wonder where to go in the world even more after reading these amazing guides.

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